Application Schedule

Applications for Fall 2018 are now open

Entry Requirements

  • Full Time Program applicants must be at least 15 years of age on commencement of studies.
  • Scholarship Applicants will be required to submit supplementary documents, videos and also undergo an audition as well as an Interview.
  • All applicants must understand basic English in order to communicate with the international faculty.

Application Process

  • Fill in the Application Form

    Apply Online.

  • 2

    Documentation and Videos

    (If applied for scholarship)
    - Two letters of recommendation and contact information for the two referees.
    - Income Tax forms of parent(s) or Self for the last 2 years. (for need-based scholarships)
    - Two video links

  • 3

    Live Audition & Interview

    (For scholarship applicants)

  • 4

    Acceptance Letter

    GMI sends an acceptance letter and Tuition details

  • 5


    To enrol at GMI, you must:
    - Register as a student and pay your tuition fee as per your tuition plan
    - Register for Student Housing, if required

  • 6

    Welcome Kit

    GMI sends Welcome Kit

  • 7

    Joining Formalities

    Submit all the required documents and fill the relevant forms as required for your program.

  • 8

    Start your studies at GMI!


GMI Admissions will be using the email address you provide to communicate with you throughout the application season.

Please note that email is our primary method of communication; in general, we do not send information by regular mail