Foundation Music Program

10 Weeks | Classes on Wednesdays
The GMI Foundation Music Program is designed to give the students an exciting experience through an exclusively designed 10 week intensive program aimed at enhancing their musicianship.
This is a great opportunity to engage and interact with a community of musicians from across the globe!

Module Description

Private Instruction - 45 minutes

This module gives the students one on one time with highly qualified  faculty to advance their technique and skill on their principal instrument.

Performance Lab - 60 minutes

Based on their proficiency level, students are grouped into duos, trios or larger ensembles, where they enhance their performance skills and develop a broader stylistic repertoire.

Music Essentials - 60 minutes

This module focuses on ear training, music theory and harmony where students learn the fundamentals of contemporary music.

Music Forum - 120 minutes

With this program, students also get access to the weekly Music Forum/Masterclasses, student and faculty led performances and jam sessions which are an integral part of 1, 2 & 3 year full time programs.

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  • Certificate will be awarded to those who successfully complete the program
  • Students from this program may be selected to perform along with full time students at the GMI final recital / showcase