Summer Certificate Program

6 weeks | 29 May - 7 July

Aim & Philosophy

The Summer Certificate Program is designed to give the students an exciting experience through an exclusively designed 6 week intensive program aimed at enhancing their musicianship:

  • develop instrument skills & technique
  • broaden knowledge of music theory
  • expand aural recognition abilities
  • learn music production & technology
  • introduction to raga and tall concepts
  • get exposed to different genres of music

Module Description

Contemporary Music Theory/Aural Skills - 4 hours / week

Broaden your knowledge of contemporary harmony and develop aural recognition abilities through a series of interactive classes and workshops.

Private Instruction - 45 min/week

One on one time with highly qualified international faculty to advance your technique and skill on your principal instrument.

Performance/Instrument Lab - 2hr 15min /week

Based on your proficiency level, you are grouped into duos, trios or larger ensembles where you enhance your performance skills.

Music Production & Technology - 2 hr / week

 Explore and learn technology to produce music with industry standard music production software.

Hindustani Music - 1 hr / week

Engage and learn with professional and classically trained Hindustani musicians and develop your understanding of raagas and taal.

Electives - 2 hr / week

Interact with experienced musicians and educators and broaden your listening palette from a choice of world music electives and interesting sessions.


  • Prior knowledge of music theory and performing an instrument for at least one or more years is preferred
  • The certificate will be awarded to those who successfully complete the program
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