Two Year Diploma

Duration: 4 Full Time Semesters (3 months each) | Total Credits: 60

The Two Year Diploma takes a more in-depth approach to learning. After completing their foundational courses, the diploma program guides students to get to the next stage in their musical development through various group and private instruction, interdisciplinary studies, ensembles, ear training, music theory, music production, seminars, workshops and performance opportunities at and outside GMI.

Credit Structure

  • 1 Year - 30 Credits

  • Core Music Studies – 9 Credits

    Ear Training 1 & 2

    MAT & Harmony 2


    Primary Instrument Studies – 4 Credits

    Private Instruction 1

    Private Instruction 2


    Inter-disciplinary Studies – 4 Credits

    Piano Studies 1& 2

    Hindustani/Carnatic Studies 1 & 2


    Music Tech Studies – 2 Credits

    Intro to Music Tech

    Music Tech & Performance 1


    General Studies – 2 Credits

    Art & Music Studies 1

    Art & Music Studies 2


    Performance  Studies Р9 Credits

    Ensemble 1 & 2

    Music Forum 1 & 2

    Instrument Lab 1 & 2







  • 2 Year - 30 Credits

  • Core Music Studies – 8 Credits

    Ear Training 3 & 4

    Harmony 3 & 4


    Primary Instrument Studies – 4 Credits

    Private Instruction 3

    Private Instruction 4


    Inter-disciplinary Studies – 4 Credits

    Piano Studies 3 & 4

    Hindustani/Carnatic Studies 3 & 4


    Music Tech Studies – 1 Credit

    Music Tech & Performance 2


    Labs – 3 Credits


    Composition Lab

    Global Music Lab

    Music Production lab


    General Studies – 2 Credits

    Philosophy, Musicology, Ethnomusicology

    Intercultural Studies


    Performance  Studies Р8 Credits

    Ensemble 3 & 4

    Instrument Lab 3 & 4

    Performance Jury


Module Description

Core Music Studies

Core Music Studies will aim to develop skills essential to any student of music through comprehensive courses in ear training, solfege and sight singing, reading and writing music, and the application of music theory and harmony.

Primary Instrument Studies

Primary Instrument Studies at GMI will aim at developing proficiency on, and a thorough understanding of ones instrument of choice. Rudimentary knowledge, technique, stylistic approaches, repertoire and instrument pedagogy will be closely looked at through private instruction with our faculty.

Interdisciplinary Studies

GMI’s Interdisciplinary Studies will help the student gain a broader perspective in ones musical outlook and approach by expanding it beyond his/her primary instrument. Courses would include Piano Studies (for non-piano players), along with electives in Hindustani, Carnatic, Western Classical and World Music.

General Studies

The General Studies stream at GMI is aimed at situating music within a larger framework of artistic intellect, creation and expression. Through weekly seminars and workshops, students will be led to understand the historical, cultural, social and philosophical contexts for various kinds of music and art.

Music Technology Studies

Music Technology Studies provides an overview and demystification of music technology, and an affirmation of its use as a necessary tool for every contemporary musician. Students become more conversant with computer systems, sound, microphones, digital audio, DAWs, recording, mixing and DSP.


This Program may be extended into the Three Year Graduate Diploma

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